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March 14, 2009


Shari Anderson

Is this where I put my response?? Computer illerate. Yes I read you blog, but nothing has been there lately, just took a chance tonight. And yes I am a relative and I usually get updated info anyway, but the blog is fun.Of course with the $8.95 you could save for my airline ticket, lets see how many years would that take. Love ya Mom


I check in pretty regularly! I love seeing what you are up to! So I vote for you keeping the blog :)


I check it weekly! I was so happy to see an update...However, I guess with this Facebook thing...
I am happy to hear about you, however you chose...
We just miss you!!!!


tom says he looks too...(lol)


Would love you to keep it up, but I understand sometimes it is just 1 more thing on the "to do" list. When you post your awesome pics and projects it is an inspiration, and we love to see the kids and even that Hubby of yours. Miss you everyday and this is a good way to keep up and even see everyone elses comments. So I guess I am on the fence:)


Yes, I check in all the time and was getting ready to email you and ask to see more great pics and projects! But, on the other hand I know your pain all to well! Its hard to keep up! I vote to forge ahead!


silently in waiting for more greatness to come our way


I read it! It's on my google reader so I see what you are up to everytime you post. I hope you keep it up!

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